Sunday, October 31, 2010


I want all of you to know that we only have few similarities. But even if we only have few similarities, we're happy together! As usual as the other couple's experience, in our first month we're very happy, he's very sweet, gentleman, and treat me as his one & only girl. But in the following months, here comes the time we had a problem and the time I want to give up. But first, I think about how's my life without him? And I realized how much I love him & i don't want to lose him. So, I fixed our problem & we gave each other a space to think if we want to continue our relationship or we both need our freedom. After a days, I realized I need him, I really love him, & I want him back. And that's also his want. That's why, here we are fighting together in the trials of our lives.

*Some advice: even though you & your partner have a lots of disagreement, it's not a reason for both of you to give up in your relationship. Just try to give some space to realize each worth.* :)

Mystery Girl :)

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