Sunday, October 31, 2010

About Me & Him

Hello readers! :)
I want to make my personal information to be private. So, just call me, "Mystery Girl". And in this blog, I want all of you to meet my loved one, "My Boy Wonder"! I'm 18 years old and I'm 1 year older than him. We're 2nd year college & taking B.S.I.T.. Yes, we're classmate! We're block section when our first trimester. And because I'm a shy type of girl, I don't talk to anyone except from my two classmate since high school, he thought that I'm rugged & I will ignore him if he talk to me. After the first trimester, we got different section. And because of that the only communication that we have is "text message". He text me and he make me feel that he want me or he have a special feelings for me. And because he's naughty, little by little I realized that I've fallen for him. :) And now, we're happy & so in love with each other and hoping for our great future together with our own family.

Mystery Girl :)

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