Friday, November 5, 2010

Kisses & Hugs

Our love is also sweet. He always hug me even in public & he always want to kiss him. Others said we're so P.D.A. but I don't care what they're saying. All I want is to show them that we're so in love with each other. Even though sometimes we're having a problem, I want them to know that we're strong enough to fight together. That's how our love starts. And I'm hoping that it won't end because I want to grow old with him. *Hope he felt the same way too.*

Mystery Girl :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Our love story is so complicated! It's full of wild things! I don't know what I must do to fix it. I want to give up! I want to end this. I don't want to hurt anymore, to cry again, & to loved again. Maybe they're correct, we're not meant to be. Maybe God gave him to me to learn how to ease the pain & how love hurts. Maybe it's not time for me to fall in love. Maybe I'm not old enough for this crazy thing. MAYBE?! MAYBE?! MAYBE!!! :'(

Mystery Girl :(

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Strange Joy

Sometimes he chat with me at YM or FB & telling me don't leave him, he loves me  for who I am & he missed me like crazy. That was so unforgettable because he's so sweet. And I also remember once when he asked me "how if we are together forever?". At that time I can't explain what I feel! I don't know why? Maybe because I don't expected him to ask me that question. But at that time I felt a strange joy. :)
 Mystery Girl :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Monthsary

Our first monthsary was not happy at all. Because we have an argument. I don't remember what exactly happened. I can only said that, we have a fight on our first monthsary. But even though we're not happy in our day, I'm still happy for us because we reached our first month. And I know we can reach our  first anniversary, 10th anniversary, & so on. :)
 Mystery Girl :)


I want all of you to know that we only have few similarities. But even if we only have few similarities, we're happy together! As usual as the other couple's experience, in our first month we're very happy, he's very sweet, gentleman, and treat me as his one & only girl. But in the following months, here comes the time we had a problem and the time I want to give up. But first, I think about how's my life without him? And I realized how much I love him & i don't want to lose him. So, I fixed our problem & we gave each other a space to think if we want to continue our relationship or we both need our freedom. After a days, I realized I need him, I really love him, & I want him back. And that's also his want. That's why, here we are fighting together in the trials of our lives.

*Some advice: even though you & your partner have a lots of disagreement, it's not a reason for both of you to give up in your relationship. Just try to give some space to realize each worth.* :)

Mystery Girl :)

Our Love Story

Hello Readers,
Since I only created this blog now, I don't remember every details of our precious memories. I can only say that in our 8 months of being together, we are happy even though sometimes we have a trials to encounter. But now, I can also say that we succeed to fight with that trials. *Thank God!*
And now, you can read our love story here. Even though you don't know how our love story starts, I can assure you that our love is very magical. :)
 So, start following this blog and  know how our love story lasts. :)

Mystery Girl :) 

About Me & Him

Hello readers! :)
I want to make my personal information to be private. So, just call me, "Mystery Girl". And in this blog, I want all of you to meet my loved one, "My Boy Wonder"! I'm 18 years old and I'm 1 year older than him. We're 2nd year college & taking B.S.I.T.. Yes, we're classmate! We're block section when our first trimester. And because I'm a shy type of girl, I don't talk to anyone except from my two classmate since high school, he thought that I'm rugged & I will ignore him if he talk to me. After the first trimester, we got different section. And because of that the only communication that we have is "text message". He text me and he make me feel that he want me or he have a special feelings for me. And because he's naughty, little by little I realized that I've fallen for him. :) And now, we're happy & so in love with each other and hoping for our great future together with our own family.

Mystery Girl :)